The Expat Cast


August 11, 2019
The ExpatCast is the podcast where expats share stories about fitting in, standing out, and every mishap on their journey to feeling at home abroad. Listen along for up-to-date tips & resources as well as honest takes on the best and worse of expat life.
Episodes are roughly 35 minutes long and are released once a week on Thursdays. Each week, a new expat - typically one from the German-speaking world - comes on the show to share their experience, wisdom, and qualms.
The Expat Cast is hosted by Nicole, an American living in Freiburg, Germany. Her first year in Germany was nearly equally full of magic and stress. Although it is indeed overwhelming to navigate bureaucracy in a language you only sort of understand & to feel like your professional life and financial stability are crumbling before your eyes, doing so in the middle of the Black Forest as church bells ring in the distance, with a crisp German Grauburgender wine in one hand and a freshly baked Bretzel in the other, certainly does add a flair of beauty to the thing.
Nicole decided to start the podcast in order to create a community for herself and others feeling similarly stressed but blessed in their life abroad. She's a librarian by day, podcaster by night. Her favorite activities are asking strangers slightly invasive questions about their personal lives and frolicking about in nature, be that via hiking, running, traveling, or taking a scenic nap.

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