The Expat Cast


August 11, 2019

Interested in coming on the show as a guest?

Have a topic idea to suggest?

Are you a company or brand interesting in partnering up or collaborating?

Are you a listener who just loves us so much and wants to send a lovely note to make our day?


In all the above cases, please shoot The Expat Cast an email! Your message can be addressed to Nicole and sent to theexpatcast [at] gmail . com.


It is so meaningful to hear from listeners, and one of the main motivations behind the show is to bring people with similar experiences or feelings together to create a community. So often, expat struggles are made even worse by feeling alone and/or afraid to admit that you're struggling, because how dare you struggle when you live such a picturesque life in X country?! Let's break that up with some good ol' fashioned honest, vulnerable sharing.

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