The Expat Cast

Being an Asian Woman in Germany with April

November 29, 2018

Season 1, Episode 22. What is it like to be an Asian woman in Germany? This week, we hear one woman's perspective. April is from China, and she's lived in Canada, Austria, the United States, and now Germany. Through her time in North America, Europe, and Asia, April has been able to compare people's reactions to her across cultures. 

We discuss if/when it's acceptable to ask someone about their home country's politics, how to differentiate between a different cultural approach to getting to know someone and an offensive affront, and what to do when confronted by an act of racism or a micro-aggression. In our conversation, we share our own experiences, and we do not intend to speak for any group of people.



April, in addition to being an awesome person, is a talented photographer. You can find her on Instagram @zoethefroggy



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