The Expat Cast

Book Worms International with Steph

February 7, 2019

Season 2, Episode 3. Your host Nicole is, as Leslie Knope so eloquently put it, a "punk ass book jockey" aka a librarian. Now having experienced librarianship in a handful of libraries across America and Germany, she's got a unique perspective on how different communities' reading habits look.

Plus, she's a huge book worm herself! (Duh, you get rejected from library school if you aren't) (Just kidding) (But am I?) So it was great fun to have fellow expat book worm Steph Fuccio on the podcast to geek out over reading.

The discussion explores our journey as readers and as expats, and we try to figure out how and why our reading habits have changed over time, location, and financial status.  



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