The Expat Cast

Extroverted Entrepreneurial American Expat

January 31, 2019

Season 2, Episode 2. Does your identity as an introvert or an extrovert impact your experience as an expat? Can America be understood as a more extroverted culture and Germany a more introverted one? And if so, what does that mean for foreigners?

This episode, we sit down with Joe, a fellow American in Germany, to discuss how his extroverted, outgoing friendliness has impacted his long-term happiness in Germany. Now in his seventh year living in Germany, Joe is slowly started to experience frustration when trying to interact with Germans, especially strangers in casual social situation.

In America, it's hard to run a simple errand without having smiling small talk with strangers. In Germany, it's rare to find a single interaction like that throughout an entire week. We dive into questioning what that says about the people, the culture, and ourselves.



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