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March 10, 2022

Season 6, Episode 23. What's it like to be a foreigner working as a librarian in Germany? We've got two international librarians here to tell you!

Katherine and Nicole both fell in love with the career of librarianship before moving to Germany from Venezuela and USA, respectively. Now, they both live and work in German libraries, Katherine in a university library and Nicole in a public library. Both of them first worked at the libraries of cultural centers as a transition when making the move.

They explain how they got the paperwork in order so they could take their careers with them when they moved, what it's like working as a librarian in Germany, difference between libraries in different countries, and how to find an international library job.


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Open Biblio Jobs

Anabin, for librarians moving to Germany

The season one episode, "Prepping for a Job Hunt in Germany"



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