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Make Me (Techncially) German (But Also Kind Of Not) with Adam Fletcher

January 21, 2021

Season 5, Episode 3. Ever since Nicole arrived in Germany, she kept seeing a book series with cool hipster graphics and titles like "How to Be German in 50 Easy Steps" everywhere in her expat life. They were funny observations about Germans from the views of a British immigrant. As if a cool cover and relatable content wasn't enough, the books were BILINGUAL! Meaning they were also good for practicing your German!

And now, the author himself is here to talk!

Adam Fletcher was bored in his UK hometown when a job opportunity popped up in Leipzig, Germany. He said, "Sure, why not?" When his blog article about Germans went viral, publishers called him up, asking if he'd like to write a book. He said, "Sure, why not?" He got the chance to become a German citizen. He said, "Sure, why not?"

The King of Happy Happenstance is here to share his story of how he went from bored college graduate to bestselling author to certified German and Berliner, with plenty of detours along the way.

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