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Prepping for a Job Hunt in Germany with Nicole

October 25, 2018

Season 1, Episode 17. Nicole talks listeners through four key items she needed as a foreigner in order to secure a permanent, full-time job in her field in Germany: a Lebenslauf, originals and translations of her academic transcripts, a Bewertung/recognition of her degree, and a visa. With the help of Gordon, who steps in as co-host and resident German, we discuss what these things are, why they are necessary, how to obtain them, associated costs, and tips for getting it all accomplished. Plus, we moan and groan about dealing with bureaucracy, including our personal secret to getting what you need in the face of being told no (Spoiler: it involves a lot of shouting in your angriest-sounding German). 



1. Lebenslauf:

Welcome to Germerica's guide to writing a Lebenslauf

Immigrant Spirit's guide to the perfect German CV

The Local DE's article, "A CV will get thrown out if not in German style"

2. Transcripts:

Search "beglaubigte kopie + [name of your city]" to find places near you that offer the certified copy service.

To find a translator, try the following databases:

Justiz Dolmetscher official database of sworn translators

Bundesverband professioneller Doltmetscher und Übersetzer database of BDÜ translators, including both certified and non-certified translators 


Use my translator, Herr Zipp! He's a certified professional who makes high-quality translations swiftly and precisely, plus he's an absolute pleasure to work with. 10/10, would recommend. You can contact him at 

3. Anerkennung/Bewertung/Recognition:

Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen, website also available in English 

Anabin, the ZAB database to research information about recognition based on country of origin and field

Recognition in Germany information portal from the German government

LifeWorkGermany's resource guide to the recognition process

4. Visa:

Search "auslaenderbehoerde + [name of your city]" to find your immigration office, and consult with an agent there.



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