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Raising a Son with Special Needs in Germany with Shaun of Expat Life Germany

September 19, 2019

Season 3, Episode 6. Today, the expats in Germany podcast worlds collide - because Shaun from The Germany Experience is a guest on The Expat Cast!

Shaun moved to Germany from South Africa years ago with his wife, in search of adventure and new experiences. They now have German citizenship and are raising two - soon to be three! - kiddos in their rural German village.

Their oldest son has a special need called SYNGAP-1, and Shaun shares with us how they've navigated the situation as foreigners and second-language German speakers. From doctor's visits to learning what resources are out there for kids like their son, it's been a whirlwind that's left them more in love with life in Germany than ever.



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More information on what his son has here  



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