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Weltschmerz and Culture Shock with Tanya

November 8, 2018

Season 1, Episode 19. Have you ever felt completely fatigued, your energy fully spent, not because of anything in your personal life but rather because of the world at large? Welcome to the feeling of Weltschmerz, one of those wonderfully untranslatable German words, which combines the words Welt, or world, with schmerz, or pain, to create: worldpain.

Many of us, expat or not, have felt this over the last couple of years, and in honor of recent violent attacks in America & the US Midterm Election 2018, The Expat Cast sits down with Tanya Dantus, fellow expat and therapist. We chat about how current events effect us as expats and how psychotherapy can be hugely helpful in dealing with tough situations, political or otherwise. 

Tanya has a ton of helpful tips for finding a therapist in Germany, which can be found here.



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