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Your Stories: Times German Authority Figures Made Us Cry

June 24, 2021

Season 5, Episode 25. Cheers to 3 years of The Expat Cast, 125 episodes, 5 seasons!

This season finale, we're marking the occasion by diving into a touchy topic: I collected your stories of times German people of authority have made you cry.

It happened at the foreigner's office, in banks, in doctor's offices, at the customs office, on the train. It happened, surprisingly, far more in bigger cities and towns than smaller towns and villages. It happened even to people who speak fluent German.

We hear your stories, try to identify some patterns, and above all, provide tips and coping mechanisms. This episode is a conversation starter, a window into our experience, and a set of ideas and tools for fellow foreigners preparing to experience upsetting moments like this themselves.

This episode is a continuation of the theme presented in the earlier episode Times German Authority Figures Have Made Us Cry.


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